How To Use Fitbit Flex?

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What is a Fitbit?? Wait, did you just ask me that???

The Fitbit is an American company created and managed by James Park and Eric Friedman. The company keeps introducing the new health related products starting with the same name Fitbit. The Fitbit Flex is one such device, introduced on October 10, 2013.

The Fitbit flex lets you track your physical activity including heart rate, the number of steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, stairs climbed, quality of sleep and more! You can sync the Fitbit data with the app to find out the performance.

We are not supposed to give you the complete Fitbit flex review but we will tell you How to use Fitbit flex and how does Fitbit work.

How to Use Fitbit Flex:

The health is something no one wants to risks with. Being fit makes you live the life to the fullest. The Fitbit flex bands help you keep yourself fit on just a few bucks. If money can buy you health, apparently you are serendipitous.

Spending on Fitbit Flex is alike to buying your health. So let’s check out how does Fitbit flex helps keep people fit. Although, you get the Fitbit flex manual which describes the exact way of using Fitbit but if you haven’t purchased it yet and wants to know the working of it, read out the below guide.

Step 1.  Selecting the right wrist belt and putting it on

When you buy the Fitbit Flex, you get the two wristbands, 1 is of small size and 1 is of large. You need to select one for you suiting your wrist size. If the suitable size for you is the larger belt, you don’t need to do any changes just go to the step two.

And if the right size for you is the smaller size, you need to remove the clasp out of the large belt. To do that, push the clasp into the broad belt inside the wrist belt with the help of your thumb. Now remove the fastener out of the large wrist belt and insert it gently into the smaller one.

Use both your thumbs to set the clasp flat and inline into the small wristlet. Once you have properly shifted the clasp, you are ready to put on the flex on your wrist. Now it’s time to go to the step number 2.

Step 2. Inserting the tracker into the wristband

After selecting the correct wristband for you, it’s time to insert the tracker into the band. In order to do that, take the flex tracker out of the box and hold it in your hands. You’ll see a gray arrow marked on the tracker.

Simply insert the tracker in the flex band in a way that the arrow is pointing upwards the holes in the belt. If you are facing difficulty in understanding what I meant, consider looking at the below image.

Step 3. Installing Fitbit software and Syncing your tracker data to your Fitbit account:

Once the above two steps are completed, it’s time to set up and install the Fitbit software. You can install Fitbit apps and software on your Android device, IOS, computer or tablet, depending upon where you would like to keep the track of your physical data.

You need to follow the different methods to install Fitbit software on various devices.

#On Mobile:

The Fitbit app is compatible with more than 200 devices for now including windows 10, Android and IOS. Here’s how to install Fitbit on various devices.

  • First of all, you need to check if your device is compatible with the Fitbit app. For this visit and check if your device is compatible with the Fitbit app. If your device is compatible for Fitbit, you are good to go to the next step.
  •  Now visit the relative app store i.e. Google play store for Android and Apple store for IOS and download the app. You might need to login to the associated account.
  • Once the app is downloaded, install it up and connect it to the Fitbit by clicking on Join Fitbit. 
  • Now follow the steps carefully appearing on your screen. Once all the steps are followed carefully, your mobile device will be in sync with Fitbit which ensures the correspondence between Fitbit and your mobile.

#On Computer:

Installing the Fitbit software on the computer is also very easy. If doesn’t have an Android, iPhone or any similar hand device, you can easily sync your Fitbit data to your mac or windows 10 PC.

For windows 10, you need to install the same app as we did on the windows 10 mobile. Click the start menu> Store. Simply download the Fitbit app, double-click on it and follow the instruction on screen to install the software and sync it with you Fitbit account.

For mac, visit, download the software for mac. Double-click on the setup file and install it as per the instructions are given on the screen.

Once the Fitbit account is in sync with your computer or mobile, you can easily track your fitness data using Fitbit Flex.

But one question might still haunt your brain that what to do when Fitbit Flex gets discharged??

In usual cases, the flex battery lasts up to 5 days without having you to charge it. You can check the battery status by logging into your Fitbit account. When the battery indicator shows the low battery status, you need to charge it.

In order to charge Fitbit flex belt, take the charging cable from the Fitbit box you get while buying it, plug it int your computer. When done, take the tracker out of the flex wristband, and insert it into the charging cable.

Within an hour or two, the flex will get charged which you’ll get to know by the five LED indicator lights on the cable. When all pulse in unison, your flex get’s fully charged. If you want to reset Fitbit, make sure you go through this blog post telling you how to reset Fitbit.

So that’s how Fitbit flex works. By reading all the steps, you must have understood how to use Fitbit flex to track your physical activity. For any doubt, suggestion or query, you can comment below, our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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