How To Use Google Hangout On Air 2022? – Step By Step

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So, you are new to Google hangout. Still wondering, “How to use Google hangout on air.” Well, it is as easy as using Google email.

First, let me tell you “what is Google hangout”. Google Hangouts is a social networking platform that allows its users to do video chat, collaborate, and share with ease. There are a lot of features packed into the Hangouts application, so in this article, we will tell all about hangout and their use.

There are a lot of features packed into the Hangouts application, so in this article, we will tell all about Hangouts and its use. Now, you know what is a hangout, so

Let’s Begin With How To Start A Google Hangout.

Google Hangout

Sign In To Google+

Login into your Google plus account which is also a social networking site specially designed for Google account holders. On the left side of the page, you will see a Google plus page which shows a list of your recent emailed contacts and hangouts.

google plus

Create A New Hangout

When it comes to How to start a Google Hangout, first you need to create a new hangout, then click at the top of the hangouts list and create a new one.  Your Google+ circles and contacts get changed by the list. Add anyone in your new hangout by checking the box next to any contact.

To chat with anyone, tap on the contact and this will open a chatbox. You can easily search people by their name, phone number, or email address.

Hangout Format

Choose what type of hangout you want; either it’s a text or video Hangout. You can easily convert a text chat into a video chat at any time.

hangout format

Add Fun Emoji

While chatting with your friends, do some fun by sending them emojis by tapping the smiley icon that is located on the left side of the chatbox which will open a list of beautiful emojis. You can select any category of emoji and send them to your friends while chatting.

Share Pictures

Wondering about How to Use Google Hangouts in order to share pictures? Just click on the camera icon that you see on the right side of the chat field. With this, you can select any image which you want to share with your friends.

Convert The Text Chat Into A Video Chat

In order to turn your chat into video chat then click on the camera button and the other person will get a message that you want to start a video chat with him.

Convert The Text Chat Into A Video Chat

Start A Hangout Party

If are completely new to Google Hangout, then you surely do not know how to use Google Hangout Party. To start a Hangout party, click on the link of create Hangout party that is located on the right side of windows bottom that will let you add a maximum of 10 people for text or video group chat. Here you can share videos and documents.

Invite People

Once you start Google Hangout, add a description that will be sent to people whom you want to invite. Once your invitation is accepted, you can start chatting, send videos, emojis, do video chat, etc.

Display Your Screen

Share your screen display by tapping on the Screenshare button located in the left menu. It will open a new window that will show a list of all your open programs and windows. You can share your entire display or a specific window.

Add Video Effects

Thinking about how to use hangouts to add video effects. Then on the left menu, click the effect button. It will open on the right side of the window and replace your chat frame. Here you can drag the amazing effects to your video.

Collaborate On Documents

If you want to work on the same documents with others, then you can add documents from google drive. Take your mouse on the left menu and click on the add apps button. A list will open with all available apps. Select the drive and a list of documents will open. Here you can select any document that you want to share with others.

Manage Your CameraAnd Microphone Settings

In order to mute your microphone, on the right menu on the microphone icon, click on it and it will turn red. Mute your video camera by clicking mute on the camera button. In order to select the device that you want to use, click on the Gear icon on the right menu. It will open input settings.

Here you can select the camera or microphone or both. This is helpful if your device has more than one microphone or camera attached.

Leave The Hangout

To leave hangout, on the windows top right corner, click the Exit button.


Hangouts Website

If your want to do Google Hangouts On Air, then you have to visit a different website other than Google+. This website will show you the present broadcasted Hangouts on Air as well as the standard Hangouts sidebar. On the left menu of the Homepage, you can find a link to Hangouts.

Start A Hangout On Air

When you start to google hangout on air, a similar window will open like in Hangout Party windows. Make sure that you have given an attractive name to your Hangout that attracts viewers, and then send an invitation to the people whom you want to add to your list. A Google Hangouts On Air will show your Hangout to anyone.

Those people who join you can hear what you hear and see your Hangout screen. Start the broadcasting of your channel by clicking the start button. Your Hangout will be seen by the public. By following these steps you will get to know about” How to use Google Hangout On Air”.

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Conclusion | How To Use Google Hangout On Air?

Google Hangout is an amazing app that let you connect with your friend anytime from anywhere. I am sure, this article will give you solutions and guidance related to your concern about How To Use Google Hangout On Air. It is a great way to send a text message, video chat, and voice chat with your online friends with the Google Hangouts app on your device.

You will enjoy using the Google hangout app and communicate with your friends, sharing priceless memories, and having fun online with your pals with this amazing social networking app.

You will enjoy using the Google hangout app and communicate with your friends, sharing priceless memories, and having fun online with your pals with this amazing social networking app.


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