How to Write a Resume?

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The adage “You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” fits in perfectly even in today’s era. With the changing times, the perception of people has changed and a book is being judged by its cover. The Resume is the first chance for a job seeker to create an impression. The importance of how to write a resume cannot be neglected.

Tips for How to Write a Resume

Out of an abundance of resumes, only a succinctly made resume grab the attention of the employer. According to a source, the average employer spends only 10 seconds looking at a resume. Let’s dig deeper into, as to how to build a resume:

Customize the Resume

 It is always suggested to personalize the resume according to the job requirements. Relevant experience and the applicable skills pertaining to the job should be highlighted. Your writing skills also plays an important role in composing a good resume that stands out from the crowd. If you want to work on your writing skills, here is how to improve writing skills.

Let’s say if the job demands a leader, then emphasize on the projects or situations handled, till date as a leader. The objective should be complementing the Job Title.

Avoid Any Grammatical Errors

 Nothing annoys an employer more than any grammatical error on the resume. A resume needs to be grammatically perfect. Punctuate it right, make use of appropriate prepositions. Invest in a good dictionary to improve your vocabulary. If a resume is riddled with errors, it creates a negative impression in the eyes of the employer.

Make a Visually Appealing Resume

A visually appealing resume grabs the attention of the employer. A lot of examples of resume that are visually appealing can be found on the internet for reference. Following points should be kept in mind:

  • Use bullets instead of paragraphs to convey the information. Bulleted information is easy to grasp.
  • The font should neither be too small nor too large. An 11 point or 12 point font serves the purpose. Don’t use large headers to break up the sections of the resume.
  • Ideally, a resume should not exceed two pages. In case the resume is longer, edit ruthlessly, retaining only the main key points, without being verbose.
  • Margins should be used very strategically. Use top margins carefully in a way that name is easily visible to the employer.

Choose an Appropriate Format

How to create a resume with the apt format is one of the most frequently asked questions. Select any suitable format, may it be chronological or functional. The chronological format lists the most recent employment history first while functional resume focuses more on the skills and achievements. There is no hard and fast rule, and display of the resume depends completely on the individual.

Basic Details

Irrespective of the format chosen, it is compulsory not to compromise on the main information. Providing with all the necessary details like contact number, education, career profile, work experience if any is the most important part in how to write a resume. Highlighting the key strengths provides that edge over other resumes. Unless stated, submit the resume in word format only.

 Career Summary

It is a brief overview of what a person is, and what work he does. Draft an adequate career objective that immediately grabs the attention, and accurately fits in with the kind of job profile. Usually, people tend to copy career objectives from each other, making an objective sound completely vague. It should define the skills of a person, thus varies according to the person. A clear cut career goal lays down the foundation in how to make a resume more effective.


Quantify the Accomplishments

Usually, a candidate lists the job duties on the resume. There is a difference between what the job was and what was done in the job. An employer may not be interested in the Job Description; rather he may be more interested to read out the accomplishments. Highlight the specific accomplishments which present a more comprehensive picture in how to make a resume. Focus more on statistics and numbers.


The Internet has taken the world by storm. These days resume is applied online on the company’s portal or sent through emails. In case company uses technology to search for keywords, the inclusion of those keywords or keywords phrases in the resume stands must. Failure of this can render to resume being unnoticed by the employer. Keywords or phrases can be-





Personal Information


Do not give too much of personal information. Use your hobbies and interests sparingly and roll them in such a way that they become an addition to the strengths. Include only the information that will strengthen the application. E.g. In case one is applying for a marketing or selling profile, stating that he is a people person can be an advantage.

Images or Graphics
 A resume is a simple statement of facts. Don’t include any image or graphics, as it can create problems with recruitment software. Only the image of the applicant can be put on the resume. These days video resumes are a new trend.

Take Help from Others
Get the resume reviewed from co-workers or former employers. This opens up a room for improvement and even points out errors if any. These days various online sites are available which can review the resume for a person. Taking outside help is always preferred to add that extra edge to the resume.

Include Testimonials or References
Adding testimonials can add that extra fringe to the resume. Procuring a testimonial from a former employee or a colleague is not at all a demanding task. Including one or two testimonials is more than enough.

Read the resume again and again to catch those typographical or grammatical errors. Not only the resume, but even the documents supporting the resume should also be proofread once before sending. One can even seek professional help for proofreading. It is the most effective techniques on how to do a resume.

Padding a resume with false information is completely unethical and is a taboo on the reputation. Even fibbing on the resume should be avoided. A resume speaks on behalf of the individual. It is the impression so make it a good one and follow all these effective tips on how to write a resume. Let that perfect resume invite a job interview for you!

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