Kicksta Review 2023 : How Safe Is Kicksta ? Should You Go For It ?

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Kicksta is an Instagram growth service, but it takes various techniques compared to many of its competitors. We’re taking a better take look at the solution and its attributes, along with nine options to aid you to decide if this is the system you wish to use for your Instagram marketing method.

What is Kicksta?

Is Kicksta any goodKicksta is just one of the lots of Instagram development devices, and among lots that asserts to be the most effective alternative in the marketplace. They pride themselves on the reality that they do not utilize spam, phony followers, or crawlers. They assure natural development that’s powered by an expert system.

After signing up, you’ll provide Kicksta with a checklist of target Instagram accounts that have the sort of fans you intend to draw in. You should aim at rivals, influencers in your specific niche, and also complementary brand names to produce your checklist.

After that, Kicksta will “such” one or two photos from all the customers that are complying with those target accounts.

Those users will certainly receive a notice that you liked their image, and also with any luck take a look at your profile. Because you’re targeting accounts comparable to yours, it’s likely that those customers will certainly additionally like your brand and also intend to follow you.

While many various other Instagram growth platforms provide added solutions, such as complying with customers, commenting, scheduling material ahead of time, and also sending DMs to people, Kickstart does not do anything greater than like pictures on your behalf.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta review

Kicksta utilizes a quick sign-up process so all you need to do is alert them to the accounts you want to target. They do not adhere to those accounts, yet instead, concentrate on the users that are adhering to those accounts.

There are two various price strategies to pick from, the typical plan for $49 or the costs prepare for $99. Sometimes, this plan is $149. On the typical plan, you can anticipate modest development, video onboarding, and 10 targets.

With the premium strategy, you’ll obtain the optimum development, video onboarding, 40 targets, VIP email assistance, live chat support, advanced targeting, and a blacklist.

Is Kicksta Safe?

Kicksta is secure, however, the development price is unforeseeable. Due to the fact that they just like one to two images from each of the followers on your target accounts, you have to be sure individuals on your target accounts are really legitimate, energetic, Instagram customers.

If your rivals have actually purchased fans who are phony or spam accounts, then it doesn’t do you a lot great to spend time and energy right into obtaining them to follow you.

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kicksta followers

Kicksta is different from straight purchasing followers, likes, and involvement. The problem with it is that due to the fact that it is only such the task of the fans on the accounts you suggest, there is no genuine assurance that the involvement will certainly do much to aid your account expansion.

If you don’t research the accounts you recommend to Kicksta’s account supervisors, you could wind up with a task that doesn’t actually benefit your business, for a substantial cost.

What Kicksta is NOT!

Initially, let’s start with what Kicksta is not. Kicksta is not one of those “buy 10,000 followers for $100” solutions that I would not even amuse screening.

I’ve seen the chaos those types of tools can unleash on a brand name’s Instagram account: irrelevant ghost followers who were never involved and afterward vanish after Instagram erases fake/bot accounts during one of its progressively routine removes.

What is Kicksta and exactly how does it function?
After you join, you add what Kicksta calls “targets.” These can be Instagram usernames, hashtags, and/or places.

For a username target, Kicksta will certainly then like 1-2 pictures of each of that username’s fans on your account’s part– essentially acting as a “faucet on the shoulder.” These individuals see your account and like their image( s) and afterward, the hope is they’ll take a look at your account and follow it.

The Professional plan consists of Smart Filters and also video clip onboarding, plus:
– Maximum development (they’ll reconstruct to 1500 photo likes in your place daily).
– 40 targets.
– Email and Live Chat assistance.
– Gender targeting.
– Hashtag targeting.
– Location targeting.
– Blacklisting (to avoid them from engaging with particular accounts and also hashtags).

They do supply a 14-day cash-back warranty. They claim if you’re not delighted with your first 2 weeks of service, they’ll provide you a full refund without any inquiries asked. I can’t speak to the “no questions asked” case since, for this experiment, I did not terminate my strategy in that timeframe.


My experience with Kicksta

Signup was easy. I entered my e-mail address, developed a password, then offered access to my Instagram account. For this experiment, I used my very own individual Instagram account so I would not put a client’s account at any kind of type of risk that can’t originate from utilizing a device similar to this.

I likewise signed up for the pricier Professional plan to have a lot more targeting choices.

After subscribing and also attaching my Instagram account, I was taken to my Kicksta control panel.

Working of Kicksta

Once you have signed up for Kicksta, you need to provide an overview of Instagram profiles relevant to your business.

It is important to know whether you are able to attract business from those dedicated Instagram accounts. Next, let’s analyze competitor, influencer, and complementary brand profiles. 

After you provide Kicksta with your target Instagram profiles, it will like 1-2 photos for each of them. If you like their photo, they will receive a notification and check your Instagram profile.

With Kicksta, your brand will be able to reach similar accounts in your niche so there will be a higher level of engagement. They’ll start following your business page on Instagram if they like all your content. 

Your business page should be boosted by Kicksta liking more than 10,000 photos per month. Organic reach can be increased significantly by using the like method, which is another prominent & effective tool. 

The Kicksta dashboard gives you the ability to keep track of the progress of the targeted accounts and to manage those accounts. 

Liking Method of Kicksta 

Kicksta’s liking method is vastly different from other services and is able to connect with real profiles. It does this by driving people in an organic and natural way by growing their followers. This, in turn, gives more trust to its clients. 

The Kicksta app, on the other hand, does not follow or unfollow users, nor does it send them messages or comments. That’s why its AI technology and its clients’ trust will take care of this liking method. Since it does not encourage bots & spammers, Instagram users receive likes and gain followers in an organic way. 

Selection of Target Profiles

The best way to use Kicksta for your business is to first review & filter out the right Instagram profiles, and then to attract the right followers, you need to use appropriate hashtags.

The kicksta modest plan works perfectly as well, but the premium plan provides more targeted results based on your niche’s needs.

It works effectively in attracting the right followers organically to your business page since Kicksta likes the right accounts. Are you aware of whom you should target if you are not sure? Kicksta can help you according to their ideas and is always available to you for any questions you might have. 

Signup Now on Kicksta – Increase Your Followers

Selection of Relevant Hashtags

It’s essential to use hashtags on Instagram for promoting your business and for people to recognize your presence. The main purpose of hashtags is for users, brands, and influencers to discover your content easily. Instagram users today search the content with hashtags, so it is best to use hashtags that pertain to your business.

With Kicksta, you can easily create hashtags for your content, all you need to do is enter the keyword. You can then use the hashtags generated by Kicksta to describe your content by simply entering your email address.

Find Related Profiles of Yours 

Identify and organize your competitors, brands, and influencers based on the niche. Furthermore, you may get followers from your competitors. 

Auto-Engage with the Similar Followers 

Your business will be promoted by Kicksta when people who follow pages similar to yours like the posts. As Kicksta likes the profiles that are relevant, you’ll get maximum exposure by adding relevant profiles.  

Get Follow Back from Similar Profiles

You can follow similar profiles so you get regular updates from them when you engage with them. It is important to post high-quality content consistently, as this will increase your chances of success. 

Real Followers vs Buying Followers

You can see real growth for your business when you use Kicksta as opposed to buying followers. Buying Instagram followers and likes is risky, as you might receive spam or bots that waste time and money.

It has helped more than 10,000 brands and influencers gain followers using Kicksta and it is completely safe. 

It’s not just Facebook that doesn’t agree with such things; Instagram deletes all suspicious activities that tend to ban your business page. 

Does Kicksta go against Instagram’s Community Guidelines?

This is where things obtain murky in my opinion and why I was concerned regarding my account getting a message concerning a questionable task. Facebook and also Instagram have actually been cracking down on third-party solutions that automate tasks as well as market phony fans.

Kicksta kind of blurs the line as well as make use of technicality.

Yes, the liking of other pictures is automated however Kicksta claims they do so in a manner that “looks like a human task” and in a regularity that is within Instagram guidelines. You actually simply have to take their word for it on that claim as there’s no additional explanation concerning this on their website.

And while you’re practically making use of the device to get brand-new followers, you’re not buying a set of phony followers. Individuals might (or might not) choose to follow you after they see you’ve been involved with one of their pictures, however, there are no fan assurances.

kicksta pricing plans

When I began this little experiment a month back, I had 488 followers. At the time of this writing, I have 570. That’s 82 brand-new followers– 17% development. Nevertheless, the Kicksta dashboard reveals 147 brand-new fans got. So of those 147, only 56% have actually remained.

I would’ve such as to have actually seen more powerful retention, yet 82 new fans are far more than I normally get in a month.

The followers who’ve stayed appear to be relevant. I see a lot of them have social media or marketing work titles in their descriptions. None have just a solitary (or no) picture posted on their accounts. None of them are following 10,000 individuals, but have only a handful of fans themselves.

They look like the actual offer as well as I’ve chosen to adhere to much of them back.

In addition to brand-new fans, I additionally received a lot of comments as well as such as on my pictures. I obtained way even more of these than I did fans. So that was a nice bonus.

Bear in mind, Kicksta just “taps people on the shoulder” so a lot of people that saw that I’d liked their pictures came to my channel and also liked a few of mine– without choosing to follow me. Which’s all right. I know I’m not everybody’s favorite.

Kicksta Alternatives

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  • FriendlyLikes
  • CheapIGFollowers
  • Krootez
  • iDigic
  • Growthoid
  • Upleap
  • YoViral
  • ViralRace
  • Mr. Insta

Kicksta Pricing Plans

Kicksta Pricing

How does Kicksta Help to Get Instagram Followers?

If there is no social proof, then your business will not be recognized in the digital world. Instagram is a great platform for running an online business, and it has a lot of active users. 

It says that the Kicksta tool will help you get more organic and real followers, as well as better social proof. Your business succeeds in social media in this first step, and even the people recognize your brand.

Increasing audiences, sales, and paid partnerships, as well as seeing a wide range of growth for your business are all possibilities now. 

The fact is that Kicksta provides real followers, but here it provides followers in accordance with the business. As every business account differs, the number of followers may also differ. Observe how many followers you gain by consistently posting high-quality content.

There can be no guarantee that Kicksta will bring you a specific number of followers since it is up to the people to decide whether or not to follow you. Kicksta reminds us that the rumors about them should not be believed, especially any claim of high numbers of followers. In reality, there is no way to do that. The system just identifies the people’s profiles related to your niche. 

How long will it take to see results?

After setting up all your accounts, give Kicksta 24 hours of time, after which it will try to drive traffic to your account. Kicksta’s method brings real & organic visitors to your business page by attracting them to “like” it. This is how people find your page and check it out.

Using Kicksta, the engagement is now a wave, and you can check the progress at any time using the dashboard. From this, you can determine which targets work to attract followers and which ones do not. Analyzing and optimizing your account will help you achieve the best results, i.e., growth. 

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Final Verdict: Should You for Kicksta

I really feel comfy claiming Kicksta would certainly be a practical tool for risk-averse brands to have running in the background as a supplement to their organic target market growth undertakings– especially if it keeps them from making use of among those “10,000 (phony) fans ensured!” tools that will just injure their lasting initiatives.

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