Protect Your Important Computer Data with Offsite Backup Services

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How much space will you have?
This is going to depend on the backup service that you choose in the end. However, most of the spaces available range between about 100MB and several GB of space with most of them offering at least 1GB of storage space to get started with.

How fast are they?
This is going to depend by and large on the type of internet connnection that you have. If you are still going online with a dialup connection, then you should not look into this type of data backup. It will just take far too long to get your backup done, and during that time, you could easily have just put all the files onto DVDs and give them to a friend for safekeeping. If you have a high speed internet connection– either cable or DSL, then you’re in luck and this will not be a problem at all. Just log in, get an account, and upload to your heart’s content.

Online data backups are going to become an absolute necessity for the smart computer owner. I wouldn’t live without one and use mine every single day at the very least.

Are online backups easy to use?
Yes! Online data backup services generally only require that you upload the files that you want saved. Then, the files are saved for you, and that’s it! As you can imagine, online data backup services are becoming more and more widespread. You should also be able to access your online data backup from anywhere in the world. While I do not recommend using this as your only form of data backup I highly recommend using an online data back solution as part of a holistic approach to data security.

You also have the option of doing something on your end to make sure that the data stays secure. If you can get your hands on any backup software that can encrypt the data, then you should do this. Encrypted data can not be stolen without considerable effort. Just make sure that you remember what program you used to encrypt it in the first place. HidemyAss Coupon Codes

Is it safe?
Many people are a little bit unsure of putting their data online. After all, if the information can be accessed by them from any computer, doesn’t that mean that the data can be accessed by everybody? Yes and no. While it is theoretically possible for a different person to get into your data as it is stored through an online data backup, the chances of this actually happening are slim to none as long as you’re using a reputable service.

There is one major problem with most computer backup procedures. Usually after a backup is made, all of the information and data stays in the same place as it always was. However, there are many disasters that could befall your data and computer that make it worthwhile to look into online backups as a precautionary measure. Online data backups will allow you to save a copy of your file or files in a hard drive that can not be destroyed at the same time as your computer. This way, even if you experience theft or a natural disaster such as a fire or flood you will still have your data.

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