5 Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Video For Local SEO

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How To Optimize Your YouTube Video For Local SEO:

As things stand, YouTube is the second latest search engine online. With that sort of magnitude, it is only logical that SEO experts would take YouTube optimization as seriously as they take any other content optimization on Google.

YouTube has several advantages to businesses that use it as an avenue to create awareness about their brand. The most outstanding advantage is that local search optimization is more effective on YouTube as very few businesses have taken it upon themselves to promote their brand via YouTube videos.

This makes the localized keyword competition is relatively lower. The first thing you need to know about promoting your business using a video on YouTube is that you have to make sure the subject matter and the video content are both relevant and compelling. People like watching videos but they only do so if they feel the video is entertaining enough or provides some sort of value to their lives.

This should be your number one priority. That being said, here are several tips that will help you Learn How To Optimize Your YouTube Video Content For Local SEO.

5 Tips To Optimize Your YouTube Video For Local SEO:

1. Make sure that your video is Geo-tagged

Geo-tagging your video is the one sure-fire way of making sure that the search engines bring it up as part of the results for relevant searches that are associated with your business geo-coordinates. You can do this by simply going into the ‘advanced settings’ part of your video manager. Once you have entered your location and saved it, YouTube will convert this into latitude and longitudinal coordinates.

2. Make use of the description field

YouTube has very few restrictions as to what you can include in your description field. This means that after you have done your duty of explaining to everyone what your video is about, take the time to highlight your business name, location, and any links that you want to be featured or exposed, such as your Facebook Fanpage, Twitter handles and so on.

Tell people a little about your company and why they are better off choosing you instead of your competitor. While on this, make sure to include your business name, address, and phone number including your website URL at the end of the videos.

3. Make use of Google Places listings

In your efforts to Learn YouTube optimization, you will have to add all your YouTube videos in Google places to your business listings. Additionally, you should have all your employees including yourself to add the video to their Google+ local pages. Go further and share the videos onto your personal Google+ accounts to increase popularity.

4. Promote, promote and promote some more

To increase views and thus popularity, you need to promote your videos across as many platforms as possible. This gives them the necessary amount of exposure. Additionally, embedding your videos on your websites helps you increase their popularity indication. You can have the videos hosted on YouTube and use the embedded code to display them on other platforms. Integrating YouTube and other platforms helps with your ranking as well as video popularity.

5. Tag the video

Your business location name and category name can be used as part of the keyword tag strategy that greatly optimizes YouTube videos today. Make sure to add as many relevant tags as you can. These can be single phrases or even double-word phrases depending on what you are trying to rank for. It is always better to have many videos promoting your brand in many different ways.

The trick to having all these videos work for you is to have them all featured in one channel that your followers can subscribe to. You should optimize this channel with a proper description, include a link to your website and all other platforms that you use as promotional avenues for your brand.

Making your videos as widely available as possible not only generates better awareness of your message but also helps with the ranking for your brand and the message you are trying to pass across. It is therefore imperative that you Learn YouTube optimization for Local SEO. It is also necessary to do it right and in a way that reflects positively on your brand.

These are some of the best tips you could use to promote your videos and help your content rank locally on YouTube.

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