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Apps can be powerful tools for an online marketer. I am not different.

Post realizing that I am getting interested in Android and iOs development, I decided to choose Treehouse because their website is totally inclined towards beginners and teaches how to build platforms from the ground zero.

I was good enough in the cellular operating system development, but when I came across Treehouse I got to start from scratch and fill all the knowledge gaps in my subject.

Before signing up with Treehouse I had heard lots of appreciation and testimonials about Treehouse. I surfed the content at Treehouse and it looked as deeply as Sherlock Holmes would! I then immediately finalized for the classes from Treehouse which is a 4-year-old company now leading the industry in front.

For me, it was like going to a great university to study. My only problem was that I never took online classes before and found virtual video classrooms very lame to study, but Treehouse totally changed my perception and I started from the base.

There were over one thousand videos that were glorified with lots of coding and quizzing. What bought me confidence were the 40,000 active users of Treehouse.  So here is in-depth review of the Treehouse team.

Treehouse Review : Learn Web Designing & Coding Online Through Treehouse

My first experience learning Android and iOs developing with Treehouse

I found the Treehouse videos to be very enlightening; there are small quizzes between each video. I can totally understand the approach of Treehouse their every video is very detailed and escorts you completely for whatever you sign in here.

It enhanced my skills very constructive way initially.

Prior to Treehouse, I had used several other online educational platforms, but I was not satisfied enough to go for their courses. But the quality of the videos here was of the best standard, recorded in a depth understanding of the subject by our analytical teachers.

The relevancy to my subject is too high. This relevancy took me to new adventures in a very logical way. You are going to get everything here and that too much than you ever imagined.







An overview of Treehouse

The treehouse was formed in 2011 by Ryan Carson, who is now a leading coder with over 700+ video classes along with code features and quizzes, covering HTML, iOs, Android development, JavaScript, WordPress, Business, PHP, and Ruby.

I recommend this portal for all the beginners for its simplicity and great content in the small videos where each video is a maximum of 10 minutes made very logically and is not boring at all.

Treehouse does not provide any kind of exam certification but there are mock exams that help to make you understand where you standing.

Before you go further here is an excellent video overview of Treehouse by Ty

Practical skills

Treehouse is very simple to use, being a new user I haven’t really faced any problem, everything was easily available, all the courses and videos have a similar format which I have shared below with you.

  • Workspaces– where one can interact with the instructor
  • Quizzes – at the end of each video you find quizzes that again refresh what you just learned
  • Coding – the code programming is always in front of you as a part of the browser and holds your hand on each step you move forward.
  • Discussions – this is an area where you can put up questions and debate certain topics with other students taking similar courses.

The syllabus of the Treehouse is totally inclined towards android and iOs development, for which I had signed up the online educational portal.

The videos were in-depth to give a challenge to my prior knowledge of cell phone operating system development (which wasn’t much actually!), all the videos used the larger font to make the user understand clearly and the instructor is also very clear enough.

In spite of the great learning adventures, my both projects were completed on time.

Treehouse Review
Treehouse Coding Screen

Pro- Entrepreneurial

One of the USP of Treehouse is that you can easily become an entrepreneur because the guidance is in-depth; a part of the online library is bestowed for entrepreneurship.

You will find many videos on how to start coding or a developer’s life or on how, to begin with, a business in any of the subjects they offer.

The accessibility and support of Treehouse are too good, videos are easily downloadable and created with the highest quality. There are different badges on the website which flag the progress of your learning.

Treehouse Review
Treehouse Quizzes you for better learning evaluation

Courses are good for starters

The course of Android and iOs development is best for someone who does not have any or little knowledge about OS development.

Treehouse also has an iPhone or iPad app which makes you handy on the go. It will not only teach you OS development or coding, but Treehouse will make you a developer or a coder in just weeks.

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The approx duration for each class is 5-6 hours. If you are looking for a job, do not miss this opportunity as after doing the course from Treehouse you can be hired as a junior developer very easily because of the quality of the foundation they offer.

If you search hundreds of online libraries on the vast internet there are only a few which come any close to the Treehouse as the cost of the program, easy access, quality of the data and support, and the brand image are few USPs others provide!

Treehouse Review
Different Things You can learn From Team Treehouse

Treehouse Plans

Treehouse Success stories:

Treehouse StoriesTreehouse Stories Soojin Ro


🔥How does the 14-day free trial work?

The free trial gives you access to all of the great Treehouse content that you would get as a paying customer for free for 14 days. You can cancel at any time during your trial and you won't be charged. If you love it, then you don't have to do anything and your paid subscription will start at the end of the 14 day trial.

✔ Will I need any special software/hardware/books?

You won't need any special hardware or OS. You can even write code inside the Treehouse App using a feature called Workspaces. If you're planning to learn iOS, then you will need to own a Mac.

👓 Can I get invoiced instead of paying monthly?

Absolutely. We just require that a minimum of three months are paid for at a time. Please contact support to get that setup.

💥 Am I tied to a contract?

There are absolutely no contracts with Treehouse. You can cancel or pause your account at any time.

👉 What kind of skills do I need to use Treehouse?

None! Treehouse teaches both beginners and experts. We’re continually adding content to our ever-growing library.

👀 How long does it usually take for me to build something after learning from Treehouse?

You'll be able to start building real websites and apps pretty quickly, typically after about a month. It will take you roughly 45 hours of time to work through all of our courses. If you can't study full-time this usually takes around six months.


Treehouse is a purely fault-free brand, the best online library which exists today. They have set and rose up the bars for others in the industry. Easy access and the quality of the staff make it the future of skill education.

If you are really looking for Android or iOs development log in to the Treehouse and subscribe to the premium.


Here is a video review by Chris Johnson detailing different aspects of Treehouse

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