What To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About?

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What To Do When You Have Nothing To Blog About? Let’s Learn…

If you are a blogger, then you must have come across a situation when you are out of ideas. This is a situation faced usually by technology bloggers. It is not necessary that will you get new and unique ideas to write every day.

In this situation, if a bloggers stops writing than it’s the worst ever mistake of his life,

I always say.

*Blogging is Philosophy,

Philosophy is Enjoying Life;

Enjoying life Means

Doing What You Like,

What I Like,

Is to Share Information on the Internet,

And Sharing Information on the Internet

Is Blogging Again.*

So first of all, if you want to be full of ideas at all times, than blog about what you like and what you are interested in.

And if you follow me, the question

What to do when you have nothing to blog about will be definitely answered.

Blogging your interest is the main point, Suppose that Darren Rowse or John Chow start blogging about fashion. Will they ever succeed? Will they be able to gather new ideas daily? Will they be able to make fortunes and wonders as they are doing today?

No, I think never. You can never judge a fish by his ability of climbing trees.

But it’s nowhere written that if you blog about your interest than you will always be full of ideas. Sometimes even I come across this situation. On contacting with other bloggers i discovered that it is not only me, but they too remain blank even for weeks.

So what do you think that they do at those times?

How do they maintain their presence? Simple thing, show your presence by interacting you regular visitors and subscribers via emails, social networks or anyhow you can. Or you can and you must develop your skills of gathering ideas in such situations.

So here are some things that must answer the question what to do when you have nothing to blog about.

Refine your Posts.

Post refining will help you cope up with such situations as well as it will make you readers feel that you remember your past and you are learning from it.

For post refining you can select your posts that gained you much views at that time, you may select those posts where the traffic from search engines landed the most and did not bounce.

You must also correct all the mistakes that you did when you are refining your post.

And Yeah that’s definitely that answers what to do when you have nothing to blog about.

Steal Ideas.

Still you don’t know What to do when you have nothing to blog about?

This paragraph will describe something that all of us do when you want ideas to blog while we have nothing to blog about.

Note: Bloggers referred under this subheading must be of your niche.

All of us are familiar with this line.

“Good artists copy, Great artists steal”

Well, don’t think that I’m saying to copy content from somewhere, I just mean to say find out what other bloggers are doing at this time.

If they are also dealing with the same situation, than you may choose any other option that I’ll list below. But if not, grab their ideas and use them on your blog.

Moreover before trying to do what they are doing, do a proper research on the topic and learn about it very deeply so that you can answer any question that is asked in the comments.

You will be unable to answer the questions if you write about a topic that you have learned just by scanning some other posts about it.

Read about it, Learn about it, Implement it, Think about it, Experiment with it, Try to discover something that is hidden in it or is undiscovered about it, and finally than write about it.

Don’t get scared guys, If you’ve got a creative mind than you can do this job within a few hours.

If the other bloggers are not dealing with this situation, than have a word in your mind that it is your weakness, now you must concentrate towards it and work for it.

But, what to do?

As in this subheading, I’m telling you about stealing ideas from other bloggers, you can read some of their posts that you have still not written and then write about them.

But do all those things that i mentioned you must do before publishing or writing a post about a topic that you see on other blogs.

I repeat,

Read about it, Learn about it, Implement it, Think about it, Experiment with it, Try to discover something that is hidden in it or is undiscovered about it, and finally than write about it.

You might know that you can add certain things on Facebook as your favorites, use this feature to make a list of pages groups or people you can copy.

Give a Look to your Categories.

Sometimes Ideas don’t come to your mind when you get badly confused in your niche and forget your motive of starting your blog, and you are left with nothing to blog about.

When you start a blog, than you know what you will write and have ideas for many posts. But as time passes by and you reach in the mid of ocean, you start enjoying in your boat and forget your motive and

Hence your vision as a bloggers point of view becomes dark.

So, Give a look to your categories you’ve made and you can get back to your path. You may also read your previous posts and they will help you get back to your path again.

Spend some time with your Friends, Fans and visitors.

Even When you are out of ideas, you can write a 1000+ article if you

Are a real artist because my definition of real artist is.

“You are a real artist if you can write a thousand words to describe a single word”

What do I mean to say?

I just mean to say that if you are a good blogger then you must have the ability to write a very long and awesome article on any keyword or title that comes to your mind or you see somewhere surfing on the internet.

So, why the hell did I say to spend time with your friends, Fans, and loyal visitors?

Simple reason your fans and loyal friends will ask you for some suggestions/give you suggestions, ask some questions or in any way interact with you, then you being the real artist must be able to grab things of your need and then write about it.

But How to interact with your visitors?

Simple answer guys, Social Networks. It’s really awesome.

When your fan will interact with you on social networks he’ll get excited for sure and then ask you plenty of questions, don’t feel interacting with them is a waste of time. Maybe you get some very good ideas, further they will become loyal to you and will read every single post that you will write in future.

You may also give a look to comments on your blog, Facebook or read some old emails and you will definitely come across many such things. Adding contact forms to your blog is also a great idea.


Oh yes, Again “What to do when you have nothing to blog about” is answered

Polls, don’t think that they are made just for time pass or will act as a way of attraction in your sidebar, well they can do that and now you can write a complete article on the word “polls” from what I defined as an artist under the previous heading, ohh… forgot it? no problem I repeat it for you.

“You are a real artist if you can write a thousand words to describe

a single word”

Okay, leave it, it was just an idea given to you by me free of cost. J. Enjoy!

So, Sticking to the topic again.

Polls can act as a very good medium to give you ideas about what to write.

Want me to explain it more clearly? Here you go.

You start a poll on your blog that asks your visitors how much time they have been blogging.

And give them the options like:

  • 6 months,
  • 1 year,
  • 1 and half-year,
  • 2 years,
  • More than 2 years.

This will give you an idea of the level of your readers and you will come to know, what to write.

In another case you start a poll that asks that what category of your blog they like?

And now give them the options as your categories.

Now you will got two things to see.

You will come to know what your readers like and you may start writing about it more.
Secondly, you will come to know what your weakness is and you can start working upon it.
Now it depends on you that whether you look the glass as half filled or half empty.

But I say THINK that if you will start writing ONLY about your strength, your visitors may think that you are stuck and you will see decrease in your organic traffic.

I gave you two examples of polls and now it’s your homework to discover more ideas or do experiments with you blog, and believe me you’ll feel good when you will come to know what people think about you and your blog(if you are a good blogger :P).

You can take help of websites such as polldaddy.com to organize polls.


What to do when you have nothing to blog about? Don’t you thing experimenting would be an awesome thing to do when you have nothing to blog.


When you have nothing to blog or you are out of ideas for blogging, Experimenting is a very good and important thing to do.

And this is something that I did not plan to write in this post but it’s coming in my mind and so I’m writing.

I’ve never tried it on any of my blog but I think that I must try and for the first time in this post, I think I’m telling you something that I’ve not tried.

What’s the Plan?

Write a post just of 50 words.

You may be thinking, what the hell will I write in 50 words, and how will it help me.

Well the idea is that I’ll ask my readers to ask me some questions, to start a discussion, To start a conversation, to ask their problems,

to say whatever they want, and blah blah blah….

I guess adding humor to the post will also be a great idea.

I’ll try this at some time when I have nothing to write. Or I am blank with ideas, and I say that you must also do such kind of experiments time to time.

But What’ll be the title of this post, It can be “My Experiment with my blog” or if you have something you think is better than please help me by commenting it below.

Okay leave it, You got what I wanted to say so now you must read further.


Stumbling oh wow, great idea, isn’t it.

You really have nothing to blog about and for that stumbling is a very good way to discover ideas, and if you mix it with what I described under the heading “Steal Ideas” I promise it will become even better.

If you are a blogger you must be knowing what is stumbling, but if not use Google.

Feeling bored friends? Okay I’ll now start making the descriptions short but please understand by the headings that what I want to say or explain you.

Write Tutorials or Product Reviews.

When you are out of ideas than you can write reviews of some products that you use. If you are a technology blogger than you can also write tutorials of some applications or software.

This will also help also help you grab good traffic from search engines as in these type of posts you can do really good keyword stuffing.

Don’t be Frustrated or overheated.

So simple thing is that when you work continuously work for hours you get frustrated and your concentration goes down, However hard you try, you will not be able to work properly or discover what to do when you have nothing to blog about.

As you can see that at this point this post is going to be about 2000 words long and I’m getting frustrated and bored in writing so I will leave it here and continue tomorrow(Most important thing, You will have nothing to blog about if you work too much and don’t take rest)

So if you are frustrated and not getting what to blog just go out for a walk, pick up your bicycle, call your girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), take a hot water bath, wash your face with cold water, or any way you think you will feel fresh and then think again what to blog, maybe it will help you to think more attentively.

Okay friends now it’s the other day and I’m starting to write again, and I’ll now get new ideas as I am with a fresh mind, so my fresh mind will help me to get more ideas to write,

So starting again. What to do when you have nothing to blog about.


Nothing to blog? Let’s go to You tube. 😉

You tube is awesome, isn’t it?

Now when you have nothing to blog then comes the chance of youtube so,

What to do with You tube?

You have two options,

Either watch you tube videos and then write what you see there, but only after proper research about the topic.

Secondly, you have the option to read your past posts and make videos for them.

I wonder how much time people spend on YouTube every day. so make your YouTube channel and add videos to it and if you already have one, update it with more videos.

[Hey Friends don’t I just gave a free advice to your creative mind to make a tutorial on “How to Make a YouTube channel” ]

Google Alerts.

Google Alerts are awesome for those who give new updates on their blog, you read them regularly?

You’ll never again say

What to do when you have nothing to blog about

Google gives you an awesome service to give you free news about any desired topic directly to your email inbox.

So if you are a technology blogger or if you blog about Current issues then if you read the Google alerts you can be the first person to write about many things.

So, Start reading them today and you will get ideas to blog when you don’t have some.


Awesome idea. Isn’t it?

An Interview can be helpful in many ways. It acts like a car’s horn and covers your horn.

Whenever you are out of ideas conducting an interview can save your life as it helps you in maintaining the post frequency because there is no ideal time to post an interview, It may inspire your readers it may also make them feel your blog a bit personalized because interviews sometimes look like casual discussions.

You can also take some interviews of your fellow bloggers, save them as drafts and later publish them.

Get a Designer.

Oh yes finally if nothing works, you must hire someone to write, You may hire a designer who could bring some good infographics to you or someone who could convert your old awesome posts into a beautiful infographic post.

Now Your Question is answered? You now know “What to do when you have nothing to blog about”

But I still have something more. 😀

Well now I think that the post is becoming very long, so why now discuss some other points in the comments below.

Ideas to discuss.

1.Write a series post

2.Write your story.

3. Write controversial.

4. Create a FAQ post

5. Write about your particular fan and his works.(this encourages others to stay live on your blog)

6.Give your readers a list of all the SEO tools that you use.(because it doesn’t matter from what niche you are, everyone needs Search Engine interactions)

7.Post some of your YouTube videos in form of a blog post.(only 10% of your readers might open your YouTube channel. Agree na. 😉 so show them your works on your blog)

8.Open any of your Business social network account, Say that you are open for a Q and A, What next, your friends and fans will bring awesome questions and don’t you think that you can write a long post for the answer.

9. Post about your role model.

10. Just write that you are out of ideas and ask your fans what should you write.(Yeah this is probably the worst situation.)

11. Well if you accept guest posts, just tweak some of those that you rejected in the past, and polish it so good that even the writer dosn’t come to know that it was his piece of work in the history.(You did just to grab his idea not language.)

Now is your question answered?

I think now you know what to do when you have nothing to blog about.

But there is always some room left.

Just give a look to all the posts that you have written and then reverse the situations that you posted.

For Example this post is titled as “What to do when you have nothing to blog about?”

Now when you have nothing to write you may write another post that says “What to do when you have many things to blog about?”

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